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Authors:Ramirez, Kendra

Source:Smart Business Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky; Aug2011, Vol. 7 Issue 7, p6-6, 1p



The article provides insights on how business enterprises can reach their potential employees through social media tools. It asserts that the social media tools are beneficial in increasing businesses’ recruiting and employment branding initiatives or strategies. It cites some effective methods which are believed could strengthen the strategies through several tools including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.


Its no secret that strong recruiting
is essential when
it comes to identifying and
attracting high-quality job
candidates. But in today's
world, what is the best way
to recruit and what kinds of
resources are available that
will give you top results?
Once you have a solid
recruiting and employment
branding strategy in place,
social media can be extremely
beneficial in augmenting your
efforts. Consider starting with
Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook,
YouTube and blogging. The
following are some effective
methods for strengthening
your recruiting strategy and
employment branding using
these popular social media

Linkedin is the most
professional of all of the
social networking sites,
and it has more than
100 million users. The
median age of Linkedin
users is 41, and the
average user has 60
connections. There
are several features in
Linkedin that can be
used for successful recruiting
and employment
including Jobs,
Ads and the
link at the
bottom of
the home

Twitter has more than 150
million users and adds about
6 million new users per
month. The median age of a
Twitter user is 35 years old
and the average user has 70
followers. Many companies
are successfully using Twitter
to boost their recruiting
efforts. Your company can use
it to interact with potential
recruits, post job openings
and provide informational
tweets for your followers.
While many people think of
Twitter as one site (,
there are actually multiple
Twitter-related sites and tools
available to assist you in
your recruiting efforts, such
as and You can also
use hashtags to categorize
tweets by typing "#" in front of
a category name. For example:
#city, such as #Cincinnati, the
city where you are recruiting;
#skill set such as #sales. In
addition, targeted chats for job
seekers and recruiters are held
every day on a variety of topics
in Twitter.

Facebook has more than
600 million users, and on
any given day, 50 percent of
its users log in. Facebook's
median age is 31 and its
average user has 130 friends
and is connected to 80
community pages, groups or
events. To help support your
recruiting and employment
branding strategies, consider
creating a Facebook business
page. This can be a valuable
extension to your website
because it gives you the ability
to engage Eind interact with
your community and post job
openings on your page. To
build a Facebook business
page, visit
pages and click the "Create
Page" button.

YouTube has 2 billion views
per day, and 24 hours of video
is uploaded every minute.
One way that you could
consider YouTube in your
recruiting efforts is to create
a video to entice potential
candidates, help them leam
about your culture and share
mentoring stories about your
organization. You don't need a
full video production in order
to post a video on YouTube
— it is completely acceptable
to use a Flip video camera to
capture your story. However,
be sure that the video length is
two minutes or less.
Don't forget to post your
exciting job opportunity in
your company blog. This also
allows the reader to share the
job posting with others.
One of our clients used
these tools to hire more than
40 people last year saving
them more than $200,000 in
recruiting fees and job board
postings. We use them for all
of our job opportunities as
well and have never posted a
job on a career board.
If you haven't used any of
these social media sites for
recruiting, you're missing
out on great opportunities
to reach millions of people.
Along with a social media
strategy, these sites should
become integral recruiting
tools. «

KENDRA RAMIREZ is a social media strategist al Accelerated Business Resuits. Since 2005, stie
tias helped hundreds of organizations successtully leverage social media for business growfh. Reach
tier at or (513) 615-3907.

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