4 Steps to Boost Employee Referrals with Social Media [HOW-TO]

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September 14th, 2011
Social Employee Referral Program Best Practices

Everything is about networks these days, and while they create enormous opportunity for employee referrals, setting up a social referral program can be overwhelming. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be!

Get Your Motor Running

Before you can focus on building a program, you have to develop a social recruiting strategy that will maximize your company’s employee referral potential. First thing on the list? Educating your employees and managers on how to use social networks for professional purposes and actually encouraging them to get involved. Permission to poke around on Facebook and Twitter – even if it is for work – is a surefire way to get your networking masterminds enthused about your program.

Create a Virtual Water Cooler

If you’ve already gotten your employees hyped on using social media to help the business, start online conversations about open positions and share company news so your internal promoters are in the know and ready to share with their personal networks.

Share Relevant Industry News

If you’re using networks like Facebook and Twitter, sharing content with your internal network is quick and simple. Whether it’s breaking industry news or an interesting blog, these updates will be passed along to new pools of potential talent in no time.

Appoint a Spokesperson

Although most people are already using at least one social or professional network, not everyone will be comfortable with your new program. Some employees may need help creating a profile, growing their network or understanding how you want them to promote your brand. Appoint an internal social media expert to act as a go-to for any guidance that might be needed.

Want to learn more about turning your employees into valuable recruiters? Read our guide on building a successful social employee referral program!



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